Mutation Marking

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  • Mutation Cerulean Smolder
  • Mutation Citrine Lacing
  • Mutation Emerald Ripple
  • Mutation Indigo Fissure
  • Mutation Lace Ripple
  • Mutation Lemon Smolder
  • Mutation Pine Lacing
  • Mutation Ruby Fissure

On April 4, 2022 a connection was released about Tia'Malcara's Secret!

Read the post here: Tia'Malcara's Secret!

This post talked about breeding certain combinations of traits to get a Mystical Surprise!

The Surprise was brand new Mutation Markings!

Here is the combination key for the Mutation breedings each parent must be one of the following to give you a chance at getting a Mutation.

  1. Smolder + Water = Mutation Cerulean Smolder
  2. Smolder + Air = Mutation Lemon Smolder
  3. Lacing + Earth = Mutation Pine Lacing
  4. Lacing + Fire = Mutation Citrine Lacing
  5. Ripple + air = Mutation Lace Ripple
  6. Ripple + earth = Mutation Emerald Ripple
  7. Fissure + fire = Mutation Ruby Fissure
  8. Fissure + water = Mutation Indigo Fissure

These Markings DO have the ability to pass!!