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Welcome to the magical world of Mystical Creatures powered by Amaretto!

Please allow a brief introduction to the Mystical world of Dragons, and what part you’ll play in uncovering their past and saving their future!

You’ve heard of dragons--Magnificent beasts of legend and myth. But what if I told you that they once roamed our world? And because of them, our world was once also abundant in Aurum--the source of all Magick.

Magick lies at the heart of all things Dragon. From Magick they are born, and to it they return when they pass from this world. Dragons even sustain themselves on Aurum--Magick crystallized into its purist physical form.

As Dragons make their return to our world, so too will the magicks they once safeguarded. And we cannot wait to see what you discover!'

To get started

Rez a dragon egg you purchased from your inventory on the ground. Click the egg and select the "birth" option to rez your new baby dragon. Your new dragon has a default range of 10 meters from "home" which is the spot where you birthed them. To move your dragon, it can be taken into inventory and re-rezed to the new location. To set home position in the future click the dragon, select Environment, set home. Home position does set automatically on rez when you re-rez a dragon. The Range is set in Meters and is the radius of a circle with the home point as the center. (The Radius of a circle is measured from the center to it’s edge)

The dragon will grow in size over the next several days, until it reaches full maturity at age 5 (days). When your dragon reaches 2 days old the Ardor/Zeal will begin to rise if the mood is at 75% or higher. Once the Ardor/Zeal reaches 100% the dragoness will be ready to mate with any Drake that has at least 1 geno, as long as they are awake. Once they mate the egg drops immediately and will be ready to incubate.

The dragons can breed until the age of 100, at which time they will become Ancients.

After having the "egg" the dragoness with have a 3 day rejuvenation, then approximately 3 days for it to get back 100% ardor. The drake recovers immediately and begins to gain zeal. If all 3 genos are used in rapid succession, the drake will go into Geno recovery for approximately 1 hour, then will begin gaining zeal again.

Riding/Wearing Your Dragon

A dragon at any age can be worn and it will walk beside you, but you can ride adult dragons as well.

To wear your baby and adolescent dragons:

Click your dragon▶wear▶walk

You can also pick it up and select add from your inventory

To wear or ride your adult dragons:

Click your dragon▶wear▶walk/ride

You can also pick it up and select add from your inventory, it will default to ride but just click your dragon>wear>walk if you wish for it to walk beside you

When attaching the dragon to your avatar, it can possibly remove your avatar mesh body. Just add your mesh body back after attaching the dragon

Digging and Crafting Instructions

Getting Started:

Once a Dragoness or Drake reaches adulthood (5 days), they can be ridden. Dragons younger than 5 days cannot be ridden nor can they dig.

You must be wearing your HUD to collect treasure!

To have your dragon Dig, wear your Mystical Dragons HUD and click on the Green button at the bottom to display the 'Dig/Craft page.'

You will need to 'Link' the Dragon attached to your avatar before it can dig.

To Link, ensure that you have an adult dragon attached to your avatar(It must be awake, and have sufficient Energy).

You can Link a attached Dragon by toggling 'Link Off' to 'Link On'. This button is located on the 'Dig/Craft' tab, beneath the name and quantity sections.

If you do not have a dragon attached, no connection will be made.

To disconnect from a Linked dragon, touch the Link button again. It will change to Link Off, and say in Local Chat that it has disconnected.

Ancient and Immortal Dragons will not be able to dig


Once your dragon is Linked, you can toggle the Dig setting by touching 'Dig Off' until it says 'Dig On'. This button is located on the 'Dig/Craft' tab, beneath the name and quantity sections.

Once Digging is enabled, your Linked Dragon will occasionally prompt you to dig up treasure. A 'DIG!' prompt will appear near the middle of your screen (closer to the HUD), and must be touched to Dig. If successful, the Dragon will Dig up treasure. You can see the result of your search in Local Chat. You'll also see your find on the HUD.

You may also receive an inventory offer from an Item Server depending on what your Dragon has found.

There is lots to find. The four main types of treasure are:

Salvage Which is automatically converted to Ascension Points(AP) when obtained. Some Salvage is worth more AP than others!

Resources Which are materials used to craft recipes found in Blueprints. These are tracked automatically on your HUD, under the "Resources' Section on the Dig/Craft page.

Blueprints Which are items that contain a list of materials needed to craft a specific item. They are physical objects that must be Rezzed on the ground to view their recipe.

Blueprints display their Recipes on the HUD on the 'Dig/Craft' tab when clicked, under the 'Blueprint' section. *All Blueprint Recipes will require at least one resource, Ascension Points, and the Blueprint itself. The Blueprint may be consumed in the process.

Catalysts Which are rare items that are used as part of higher level crafting, but can also be kept as collectibles.

Enhancing your Digging

When reaching certain milestones in your digging adventure you can receive specialized tools that will enhancing your digging and unlock a whole new teir of items to be unearthed. Good luck on your adventures!

To use a tool, attach to your avatar while digging using your Mystical Creatures Dragon and Hud.

Splitting Stacks

Excess or unwanted resources can be traded or sold to other players by way of Splitting the stack.

To do this, start by clicking the 'Gear' icon on the bottom right corner of your HUD. You will be offered an item called 'Mystical Creatures Supply Bag.'

Rez the Supply Bag on the ground. Click it. The bag will indicate that it has Linked to your HUD(Your HUD must be worn).

Select the Resource you wish to split. *Note that you cannot stack split Ascension Points as those cannot be traded. The 'Split Stack' button will be now be highlighted, beneath the 'Resources' section of your HUD.

Click the Split Stack button. A dialog window with a text box will appear in the corner of your screen. Type in the quantity of resources you wish to split into the bag, then confirm. Your bag item will now be loaded. It can be traded, sold or reclaimed at another time.


When your ready to Craft you will need a few things

  • Mystical Dragons HUD
  • Leyline Forge
  • Blueprint
  • Resources Needed for Blueprint
  • Accession Points

Make sure that your Mystical Dragons HUD is attached Rezz out you Leyline Forge, your Blue Print, and any Catalyst needed

Click your Blueprint you will see in local chat: Leyline Forge: Blueprint: detected, checking for ingredients...

If you do not have all the ingredients it will tell you what you need in local chat.

If you have all ingredients needed, the ingredients needed to craft will be displayed on your Hud in the Blueprint box, you will chose which items to use by clicking them in the resources box, once all ingredients are selected a Craft button will appear at the top of your hud, click the craft button and you will see the following in local chat:

Mystical Dragons ~Leyline Forge~: Attempting to consume items...

Mystical Dragons ~Leyline Forge~: Consuming item Blueprint

Mystical Dragons ~Leyline Forge~: Congratulations! You have crafted! This item has been sent to you in world please check your inventory!

The item should be delivered to your objects folder in your inventory and the Blue Print along with any Catalyst used will disappear.

If there is any reason you dont want to craft or cancel the process, just click your Leyline Forge and click cancel the crafting process will be canceled and you can start your next craft.