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Welcome to the magical world of Mystical Creatures powered by Amaretto!

Please allow a brief introduction to the Mystical world of Dragons, and what part you’ll play in uncovering their past and saving their future!

You’ve heard of dragons--Magnificent beasts of legend and myth. But what if I told you that they once roamed our world? And because of them, our world was once also abundant in Aurum--the source of all Magick.

Magick lies at the heart of all things Dragon. From Magick they are born, and to it they return when they pass from this world. Dragons even sustain themselves on Aurum--Magick crystallized into its purist physical form.

As Dragons make their return to our world, so too will the magicks they once safeguarded. And we cannot wait to see what you discover!'

Getting Started

Dragon Food Instructions

Dragon Absorbables Instructions

Dragon Extras Instructions

Digging and Crafting Instructions

Battling Instructions