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Union Crystal
Mystical Union Crystal.jpg

Thank you for your purchase of Mystical Union Crystal. These crystals are used to set up mating pods with your dragons. If you want only certain dragons to breed with each other, you can use a Union Crystal.


1. Rez out a Union Crystal next to the dragons you want to breed together.

2. Click the dragon you want to connect to a Union Crystal, in the menu select Mating> Union Crystal, you will get a message in local to touch the Union Crystal you want that dragon connected to, select connect from the crystal menu. You will get another message in local that the dragon is connected and its uuid. Can connect

Union Crystal Menu

Name: you can name your crystal

Text: Turns hover text on

List: Lists all dragons that are connected to this crystal

(Note: if a dragon that is connected to this relay is not on sim it will have NOT ON SIM next to its name)

To disconnect dragons from relays:

Click the dragon and select Mating>

Disconnect, You will get another message in local that the dragon is disconnected and its uuid.


How many dragons can you connect to the Union Crystal? A: There is no real limit, but we recommend no more then 20 dragons to one Union Crystal.

Is there a limit to how many Union Crystals I can use on my sim? A: You can have as many Union Crystals rezzed that you wish to use for your dragons.

Please note if you rez your dragon on a sim that does not have its union relay it will disconnect from it

Mystical Dragon Incubator
Mystical Dragons Incubator.jpg

Mystical Dragon Incubator Instructions Thank you for your purchase of the Mystical Dragon Incubator. This incubator gets your dragon eggs ready to be hatched.


1. Place the dragon egg next to incubator.

2 Click the dragon egg and select incubate from the menu, then click the incubator you wish the egg to incubate in, and confirm by selecting incubate again.

3. Dragon egg will go to the incubator to incubate.


It takes 6 hours to incubate

5 dragon eggs per incubator

Do not pick up the incubator that has dragon eggs incubating or it will interrupt the incubation process

You can have as many incubators out as you wish

After the 6 hours eggs will crack and be ready to birth

Dragon Environment Manipulator
Mystical Dragon Environment Manipulator.jpg

Dragon Environment Manipulator Instructions The Mystical Dragons, Dragon Environment Manipulator (DEM), is a tool that will change the settings on all your dragons on one sim all at one time!!

1. Click the Dragon Environment Manipulator

2. Pick your Environments one at a time.

       Home setting

3. Hit Activate

4. DEM text turns the hover text on and off

After hitting activate your dragons on the sim will all change to the same environment as you chose on the Dragon Environment Manipulator

"Main Menu" (First blue menu)


   Eternity (Mystical Charm of Eternity)
   Electrum (Electrum Essence)
   Healing Potion (Mystical Potion of Healing)
   Nesting Charm(Mystical Nesting Charm for Dragon/Dragonesses)
   Aurum (Crystallized Golden Aurum)


   Gives the dragons stats in local


   Will use the Nexus Crystal to update your dragon    

Morph Home

   Sends your dragon to its home position


   Wakes up your dragon


   Gives you the manual or can send you to the Mystical Creatures support site


   Gives you a link in local to the Mystical Creatures website  


  Ascension (Sends a Dragon to serve in their realm to help rebuild the lost worlds of Dragonkind)
  Identify (rename you dragon)
  Complete (complete environment settings of your dragon in local)
  Main Menu (Takes you back to the dragons main menu)
  Set Home (Sets your dragons home point)
  Set Perimeter (Sets the perimeter of your dragon)
  Text (Turns hover text on or off on your dragon)
  Mobility (Sets the movement of your dragon)
       Flight Mode
           Enable Flight
           Disable Flight
   Sounds (Turns the sound on or off on your dragon) 
       Breath On
       Breath Off


   Last Egg (Shows the last egg born to this dragon)
   Union Crystal (Tethers this dragon to a Union Crystal you choose)
   Main Menu (Takes you back to the dragons main menu)
   Mating Mode   
       Owner (Will mate with only the same owners dragons)
       Group (Will mate with any dragon set to the same group)
       All (Will mate with any dragon within its range no matter the owner or group) 
       Ancestry (Shows the dragons parents if they are not a starter dragon)  
       Last Mating (Shows who this dragon last mated with)


   Arid Crystals (Use these if you do not wish your dragon to mate)
   Feracious Crystals (Use these if you want your dragon to mate)
   Main Menu (Takes you back to the dragons main menu)    

Ignore (Closes menu)