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Aether - Is your dragons hunger

Drake - Is a male dragon

Dragoness - Is a female dragon

Incubate - When you place your eggs in the Incubator for 6 hours to prepare eggs to be hatched

Genos - Drakes can have up to 3 genos at once it takes 1 geno for your Drake to breed with a Dragoness. Genos are gained over time if your Drakes mood is over 75%.

Ancient - A dragon that is over 100 days old and will no longer breed

Immortal - An Ancient dragon that has had a Mystical Charm of Eternity and doesn't require crystals anymore

Edibles - Dragon food Feracious Crystals, Arid Crystals and the Well Spring

Absorbables - Any of the Dragon absorbable that give you a one time boost

Ascension - Where you send a Dragon to serve in their realm to help rebuild the lost worlds of Dragonkind

Digging - Using your Dragon and Hud to find Mystical items hidden beneath the Earth

Blueprint - Found digging, items that contain a list of materials needed to craft a specific item

Supply Bag - Bag given from the hud for you to store your found resources in to sell or trasnfer

Crafting - Using a your hud, a blueprint, and Mystical Leyline Forge to make special items

Update - Mystical Creatures releases updates from time to time you will have to maintain the most current version for all Dragons to function properly