Dragon Claw Pigments

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  • Fire Zuldrud (Starter)
  • Fire Ukeinth
  • Fire Datentud
  • Fire Ceondet


  • Water Gayvrenth (Starter)
  • Water Qandaes
  • Water Sossurth
  • Water Zaetus


  • Earth Xumenth (Starter)
  • Earth Iakuss
  • Earth Orvintal
  • Earth Urliol


  • Air Xaytud (Starter)
  • Air Fruzayl
  • Air Tolrae
  • Air Zemraidu

Non Element Specific

  • Hallowed Briarthorn
  • Peppermint

The Hallowed Briarthorn Claw Pigment came from the first ever Dragon Legendary Edition. Legendary Dragon Hallowed Briarthorn was available in October of 2021!

The Peppermint Claw Pigment came from the first ever Gift Legendary Edition. 2021 Legendary Christmas Gift - Holly was available in Dec of 2021!

Every Dragon has Claws, there are however different Claw Pigments! You can mix and match all the different Pigments on your Dragons!

Each of these Claw Pigments DO have the ability to pass!